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Root Canal Therapy in Athens, TN

Dental root canal treatment is a type of dental care aimed at eliminating infection within the tooth, primarily through conservative instrumental methods. 

The root canal is located in the tooth root and plays an important role in the health of the tooth. A nerve and vascular bundle passes through it, which innervates the tooth and supplies it with all the necessary nutrients. The cost of root canal treatment depends on the degree of inflammation.

If caries progresses and inflammatory processes develop in the root and pulp, dental treatment is carried out, in which the root is cleaned, treated and filled with special materials. 


This procedure helps to save the tooth and eliminate the pain characteristic of this process. We follow the basics of effective endodontic treatment that are generally accepted in modern dentistry: isolation of the tooth, use of a dental microscope, full compliance with the protocols of irrigation and mechanical treatment, electronic determination of the length of the canals, volumetric filling of the canals.

Indications for root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is performed only when indicated, because after the removal of the neurovascular bundle, the tooth loses its strength and becomes prone to destruction. Before root canal therapy, a thorough examination of the patient is performed, using CT or X-rays.

The main indications for treatment of tooth canals are:

  • throbbing sharp toothache, its intensity may increase at night;
  • swelling and inflammation of the gum, the appearance of bumps, fistulas, (usually this symptom indicates inflammation in the root canal and the presence of a cyst in it);
  • pulpitis is an inflammatory disease in which the pulp, the soft tooth tissue where blood and lymphatic vessels and nerves are located, is affected);
  • periodontitis – an inflammatory process localized in the root itself and soft tissues close to the tooth;
  • the appearance of bad breath.

The price of treatment of tooth canals depends on the severity of the process and the method of therapy. The earlier you seek help, the less costly and traumatic the treatment will be.

Root canal treatment in Athens, Tennessee

How are tooth canals treated at Athens Family Dental? Depending on the situation, both therapeutic and surgical treatment can be performed. In our work, we use only certified modern filling materials and medications, and the innovative equipment that our clinic is equipped with helps us provide high-quality and effective treatment. We have all the equipment not only for therapy, but also for full dental diagnostics. Our root canal dentist determines the necessary scope of work for root canal therapy.


Therapy method

Conducted in the initial inflammatory stages, and it allows you to partially preserve the pulp and thus prolong the life of the tooth. All manipulations are carried out after qualitative anesthesia. In the dental cavity is laid a therapeutic drug that has antibacterial and antiseptic action. The healthy part of the pulp is isolated with a special gasket, and then the tooth is filled. This method of therapy is considered the most gentle, because it preserves the viability of the tooth.


Surgical method

It is used when the inflammatory process affects the entire pulp and moves to the root canal itself. After the introduction of local anesthesia, the dentist cleans the tooth canals, disinfects them and fills them. If the inflammatory process has led to the formation of a tooth cyst, granuloma or root perforation, the surgeon performs the extraction of the top of the tooth. The operation is painless for the patient, after it the doctor gives a number of recommendations that must be observed during the rehabilitation period.


Treatment under the microscope

Athens Family Dental performs canal treatment under a microscope. Our microscope allows us to magnify the image up to 40 times. With its help, the treatment is carried out as accurately and meticulously as possible. The dentist notices even microcracks and can thoroughly examine the canal cavity of the tooth and, after treatment, fill it. Thanks to the microscope, the dentist does not touch or traumatize healthy dental tissues and removes only the affected areas.




After root canal treatment, pain, especially when biting down, may persist for up to 14 days. Swelling may occur. Do not be frightened, this is a normal reaction of the body. Painkillers may be taken to control the pain. If severe swelling occurs, consult a root canal dentist.

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