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Dental filling is a method of restoring the bone tissue of the tooth by filling pathological cavities with an elastic hardening composition. The procedure helps to protect damaged areas from harmful external influences. It is indispensable in eliminating the consequences of tooth decay, pulpitis, periodontitis and other diseases. Our family dentistry in Athens, Tennessee provides quality dental fillings made of modern materials at affordable prices.

Keeping your teeth intact and healthy is difficult. In addition, not everyone is naturally blessed with a snow-white smile and strong enamel. Under the influence of certain factors (nutrition, ecology) they deteriorate. Tooth filling, as a dental procedure, is in great demand today. Modern technologies in dentistry make it possible to restore bone tissue and protect damaged areas from further destruction, and a quality filling material will preserve the tooth for many years. Dental fillings at Athens Family Dental are performed in a relaxed environment and by top-level professionals.


Types of fillings

The main classification is based on the time of use – temporary and permanent. Temporary tooth fillings are made of solutions with high resistance to liquids and last only a few days, being used to close the inside of the tooth to treat decay or clean the canals. 

Permanent tooth fillings, on the other hand, are placed for many years or even for life, which is how they got their name. They represent the final version of the tooth and are made from a variety of materials.


Indications for dental fillings

It is recommended to put a filling in the following cases:

  • carious process in the oral cavity;
  • mechanical trauma to the tooth surface;
  • loss of a previously installed filling;
  • pulpitis and periodontitis;
  • thinned tooth enamel.

Placement of a filling in modern dentistry is an opportunity to restore the natural shape of the tooth and its chewing functions. Decay on the front upper teeth, for example, leads to the spread of infection and looks unattractive. A super modern photopolymer filling can eliminate the cosmetic defect and prevent further damage to the tooth. In case of tooth decay, safe and high-quality treatment and placement of fillings for pregnant women and young children is possible today. Carious lesions are a source of constant infection in the body, which negatively affects not only the teeth, so when it is detected, it must be treated immediately.

The consequences of caries, not treated in time, are not rosy. These are problems with the heart, stomach and joints, not to mention such dangerous pathologies as pulpitis and periodontitis. The latter involve the removal of the nerve, while carrying a danger to the entire body. In order not to start the disease, go to the dentist for a preventive examination at least once every six months.


How a filling is placed

It should be remembered that for each case of filling the procedure is different, taking into account the nuances of the patient, from age and intolerance of certain components to the degree of destruction of the tooth. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to name the exact sequence of actions of the dentist. Of course, there is a general scheme for installing a filling, which has several stages:

  • the cavity requiring filling is determined;
  • the tooth is isolated from saliva and other liquids by cotton swabs, and in some cases even special pegs;
  • a hole is drilled, sufficient to remove the affected area of the tooth and work with the filling;
  • the decayed tooth is removed and the site is carefully treated to avoid recurring incidents, the so-called caries under the filling;
  • if necessary, removal of the dental nerve and cleaning of the internal dental canals;
  • a special gel is applied to the area where the filling is placed to improve the adhesion of the filling to the tooth surface;
  • the material itself is poured into the cavity, and the doctor forms a filling of the required size, repeating the original outline of the tooth;
  • after grinding and coating the filling with a special varnish to make it smooth and aesthetic.

The last step, not always necessary, of course, is the correction of the filling. Whether there is a need for it is determined very simply – correction is necessary if the new tooth interferes with the full closure of the jaw and creates discomfort for the patient. The price of tooth filling depends on the amount of work done on the tooth.


Benefits of Fillings from Our Practice

The importance of modern dental fillings for damaged teeth is something our Athens family dentistry specializes in. Our team of professional family dentists have many years of experience and are known for providing excellent patient care using advanced methods and state-of-the-art technology to ensure satisfactory results.

We believe it is important to have an open pricing policy and therefore provide our clients with a dental fillings price before treatment begins. Dental filling cost is paid after it has been placed. Visit our website to learn more about the cost breakdown of different teeth fillings so you can choose the option that’s best for your oral health.

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