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Dental Cleaning in Athens, Tennessee


Regular brushing at home does not guarantee a good cleaning of the oral cavity. Deposits accumulate in places where a regular brush cannot reach. Over time, they turn into tartar, which causes various complications and diseases. 


To avoid the appearance of tartar and clean the enamel from plaque, you need a deep teeth cleaning on a preventive basis. You should have your teeth cleaned by a dentist 1-2 times a year.


What is professional oral hygiene?


This is a set of procedures performed with the help of special instruments at the dentist’s office. For high-quality cleaning, one visit to the clinic is enough, and the process itself takes no more than an hour. Carrying out hygienic procedures, the doctor uses:


  1. Ultrasonic cleaning device, which generates waves that peel off plaque;
  2. Air Flow apparatus, which removes pigmentary changes in the color of teeth;
  3. Instruments for the treatment of the interdental and sub-gingival spaces;
  4. Polishing attachments for the drill to ensure the beauty of the smile and reduce the likelihood of plaque in the future.


Professional oral hygiene is a necessary addition to self-care for your teeth, but cannot completely replace it. Using a toothbrush is essential anyway, although it is best to supplement your daily oral care routine with mouthwash. 


Dental cleaning – good or bad?

Comprehensive oral hygiene solves the problems that a conventional brush can not cope with. The procedure by hardware allows you to penetrate into hard-to-reach places, including sub-gingival pockets. 

Deep cleaning has features that should be taken into account in order not to harm the condition of the teeth. At the same time, it does not cause a destructive effect and refers to gentle options. The main thing is to consult with a specialist and undergo the appropriate types of procedures.


How deep cleaning of teeth is performed

When brushing teeth on your own, up to 40% of plaque remains, and it is impossible to reach the interdental spaces and the space near the gums with a brush at all. Therefore, visiting a dental clinic for professional cleaning is a must. The doctor performs a series of procedures that not only clean but also protect the teeth from destruction. 

At Athens Family Dental, the dental cleaning process consists of:

  • Removal of plaque, stones and other visible deposits using an ultrasonic machine. The technique is safe and painless, and the tooth enamel remains intact. 
  • Cleaning of the sub-gingival area, which is performed manually with specialized tools. Experience, qualification and attentiveness of doctors allows to avoid damage to the gums. 
  • Removal of pigment stains from smoking, tea or coffee from the enamel without damaging it by means of Air Flow technique. For this purpose, a dental apparatus is used. 
  • Polishing the enamel, which protects against the formation of harmful deposits in the future. The dentist uses removable brush heads. 
  • Applying a varnish to the teeth that contains fluoride. This levels out the increased sensitivity after brushing, increases strength and improves appearance. 
  • In addition, oral hygiene at Athens Family Dental also includes a diagnosis of the condition of the teeth, as cleaning procedures are not recommended for certain injuries and diseases. 

Before you make an appointment for the procedure, it is important to find out the teeth cleaning cost so that you can budget properly.


Can I get a dental cleaning with braces?

In this case, a professional dental cleaning is the only procedure that can fully clean teeth with braces. It is impossible to achieve high and quality results with a bracket system at home. Moreover, if the teeth are not cleaned sufficiently, tooth decay may develop later on.


Oral hygiene at home

Of course, deep cleaning of teeth cannot provide a healthy and beautiful appearance of teeth without daily support with classic products. 

These include:  

  • Toothbrushes. They are selected on an individual basis, and the choice depends on the condition of the teeth and gums. So, hard bristles are suitable for healthy teeth and dentures, and soft bristles for hypersensitivity. 
  • Toothpastes. There are extremely many of them, from therapeutic to gel. It is best to visit a dentist and consult on the most suitable means before buying. 
  • Dental floss. It is used to clean the interdental spaces from food residues. 
  • Rinses. These products are necessary for additional cleaning of teeth, mucous membranes and the oral cavity as a whole from bacteria, which reduces the likelihood of plaque formation and the appearance of diseases. 

Brush your teeth daily, preferably twice, for about three minutes. And regular visits to the dentist for dental cleanings will well consolidate the effect and ensure healthy and strong teeth.

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